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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 08 April 2014
in Health

7 Is The New 5.....

7 Is The New 5..                             www.hazeloliverfitness.com
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7 a day,... is that enough?

Interesting to hear the government announces new health guideline, to increase your daily intake of fruit and veggie to seven per day to prolong our lives.

What would happen if you did more?, like in Japan who do 17 per day,  you might live much longer, be much healthy, and have much less disease, now that sounds good to me.

If your like me and love your juicing and smoothies, then you probably do that in one intake of food or a juice/smoothie and those on the 5day Spring Clean, drinking 3/4 juicers a day for 5 days......., you'll be full to the brim on enzymes, nourishment, goodness, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, happy healthy cells, vitality, energy, clarity of both mind and body but here's the deal breaker, you have to keep up the health habits.

A detox is a great way to increase your intake of fresh fruit and veggie.

So here's the next one you can join me on, just in case you want to make some changes to your lifestyle.



Next detox starts Monday 28th April, after the Easter break. Lets make it happen and clean up your diet, out with the old in in with the new.
Click out the BBC health link below 

Finisher for today   - Asthma 
Asthma Tonic,
help you breathe a little better
Ice, ice baby 

Juice everything, except the raspberries and ice.  Add juice to the raspberries and blend.  enjoy
Top tip
If you suffer from Asthma, avoid dairy, white refined sugar and carbs and wheat.  Also the nightshades family,(shinny skins) they are peppers, aubergine, courgettes, tomatoes, they can aggravate the condition.

Be Brilliant

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