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Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 05 September 2012
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A bit about me.......

A bit about me ...........................................                        

I have been a Fitness Professional for over 14 year, qualifiing with my ETM(Exercise to Music) back in 1998, got hungry for more information how our the bodies work and function, so I did a Sport Massage diploma, then added many extra module's Step, Core Stability, AquaFit, Pilates & Fitness Pilates, Power ChiYoga- mind/body fusion of TaiChi & Yoga, Personal Training Award Level 3, Pre-Post Natal, Children's Fitness. I Trained with FasterGlobal doing a Advance Functional Trainer Award. UNITE - fusions of Fitness Pilates & Freestyle Fitness Yoga.

I have been luckily enough to work with some brilliant people and organisations as a sport masseur on the hit TV Show Gladiators - especially Lightning, Wolf & Hunter, which lead me to working with Birmingham City Football Club, City of Birmingham Orchestra and Aston Villa Football player Ugo Ehiogu.

Since moving to Stratford in 1999 I have worked in many of Stratford's Health & Fitness clubs and Spa, Menzies Welcombe Spa, Wildmoor Spa, The Holiday Inn -Club Moativation, Barceló Walton Hall, Ardencote Manor, The Village in Coventry, Fitness First Coventry.   As well as running my successful community based classes in and around Stratford-upon Avon and Corporate work.

In the last years I have been attending Dax Moy (UK & World leading Fatloss expert & most expensive PT in the UK) courses in London, studying and learning about Fatloss, Clean Eating, how the endocrine (hormonal) system and others systems that effect fatloss. Learning about health, if we get our health right the rest will follow..fatloss, weightloss, lowering blood pressure, reducing CHD, diabetes, cholesterol, etc,etc.... We want optional health through good lifestyle habits. Healthy and clean eating, creating healthy cells, organs, systems = healthy bodies, effective intense workout (training smarter not harder) and mind-set.

I have also attended & taken part in Paul Mort (UK leading fatloss expert) programmes, lectures and gained amazing knowledge from his expertise in this field.

This October I am learning with Dax Moy again, Health, Hormones & Happiness in London, keeping my knowledge up to date as this industry is forever changing......

I have also created an e-cookbook " Fatloss and Fitness Solutions "

30 Breakfasts, 30 lunches, 30 Dinners.. Do you struggle with what to have for your meals this is clean & healthy....???

I am building up a successful ON-Line business, My classic's are

Drop A Dress Size in 28 day

28 day Continuation Plan (what you do next as you re-introduce foods back in the system & the classic cheat day!!)

14 day Fat Buster & Detox

14 day Fitness Pilates Wellbeing & Vitality Fitness & Health Boutique

Off-line plus a timetable on the website

Little Black Dress Club - 6 week Body Transformation Journey... Little black dress season is hear....!!!!

               (If you follow the plans to the letter, I guarantee the plans 100% or your Money back......it's a Win Win !!!!)


 Why the National Autistic Society?

The National Autistic Society is a special charity that is close to my heart because my son Ryan was diagonosed at the age of 3 with Aspersers Syndrome (AS), he is now 10 and a half. So we as a family have had many challenges to overcome to move forward, change our habits to create a better lifestyle.   Earlier this year my husband Darren Oliver ran the London Marathon 2012, in aid of the same charity, you might remember him, has did it with a broken leg, he was on the front page of the Herald back in April, as well as Runner World forum, Euro sport, The Mirror, it was a pretty mad time for us, as things changes overnight for us, routine went out of the window, Darren couldn't drive for 6 weeks, family routine- children to kids clubs become a nightmare to arrange, the simplest of things took forever to do or organise but we managed and changed and grow from the experience.........

   Thought, It just goes to show how powerful our minds are, if somebody would of told Darren the night before, you have broken your leg!!!, do you think he would of run a marathon the next day?, NO, of course not, nobody would, ...... so the 6 hrs 29 mins was a brilliant effort, with a broken Fibula.Mind over matter, what we can achieve if we put our mind to it.                                                     Success never stands still.....................


Follow me      www.facebook.com/hazeloliverfitness  Twitter  hazelollyfitnes

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