All things PELVIC....

My brain is beginning to hurt....!! and needs some downtime...

The last months, I've been busy studying..

from the north of England - Newcastle to the south of England - London and it's the BIG smoke "London" this weekend again.

I just want my own bed for a weekend....

nothing like your own bed is there...?

Like when you come back from your holidays and it's your own bed..

lovely.. soon, very soon..

So, last weekend I covered Pregnancy & Post Natal Recovery Massage Therapy

There was a lot of talk and hand-on work about Fascia (connective tissue). I talk about Fascia in my classes, how it's like a spider web and wraps around your body and supports structures, like your muscles, organs, cells and holds everything together. But it needs to be moved, promoting better lymphatic drainage, release of tension, trauma, releasing scar tissue and get movement into the muscles, increase range, flexibility, promoting better faster recovery, flush out toxins are some of the benefits.

We used tennis balls....., hitting that sweet spot... ohhh ahhh....!!.

Good to see that when I use the tennis balls in my fitness pilates classes,

It's the right thing to do....,

Common compliments are Plantar Fasciitis

Carpel Tunnel, Piriformis syndrome and the dreaded sciatica.

As the bodies centre of gravity changes, posture changes and a shift in the myofasica lines change.

But all can be preventable through Pregnancy & Post Natal Recovery Massage.

It aids recovery for the C-Section, releasing

build up of scar tissue that restricts movement,

especially spinal extension in a sagital plan

and following the myofascial lines.

Due to the pull on the C-Section scar and surrounding area,

can cause discomfort for many, many years

Up to 15 years post c-section for some ladies, and it's just accepted..

But you could do something about it......, to improve your health and well being.

If you have been suffering in silence then it time you did something about it and take action

For a better quality of life

Or you might know somebody who would benefit..

It's all things Pelvic again with "Pelvic Health" in London this weekend..

Pelvic Floor, prolapse, Stress incontinence

or a pelvic cavity procedure, Uterine Fibroid Myomectomy or a Hysterectomy

How to treat, heal and restore life to tissues and re-build from the INSIDE OUT.

By the way my 6 week pelvic floor course starts 8th January 2014

Do you suffer in silence about any of the above....?Here's the link to book on.....


OR e-mail me for more details

Hazel " Pelvic " Oliver