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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Thursday, 19 November 2015
in Health

Brushing shoulders with the Physio's

Along with the Physio's

Last Thursday evening I attended a networking event at the
Barefoot Clinic in Harborne, Birmingham. 

The event was arranged by Gerard Green MSK (Musculoskeletal) Physio.
Very highly regarded in the physio world.
Take a look.

The industry is trying to bridge the gap between
Women's Health Physio's Therapists and
Women's Health Coaches- Holistic Core Restore Coaches(HCRC).

To bring our skill-set together and offer an unique service to women.
WHPT have the clinical (assessment & diagnosis)
and we the HCRC have the nutrition, movement & fitness and function up to date technique and skills . (with nourishment, hydration, movement and rest, play key areas)

There were 25 WHPT in the room
2 HCRC Holistic Core Restore Coaches, myself and fellow coach from Solihull.
The Chair of POGP (The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy)
spoke and more local physio's from Worcester, Coventry, Gloucester, Walsall, Birmingham.

The event was excellent,
I made connection with 2 WHPT, practicing in  Coventry
and got another contact even closer to home in Stratford Upon Avon, which was brilliant.

It's wasn't all about post-natal/postpartum/3rdAge year- menopause and beyond 
but also more intense fitness which is causing issues from the physio's eyes.

For lots of women,
their main aim is they just want to loss their baby weight
which I get.

But what's happening is,
Mum's, as soon as the doctors have given that 6 week check-up and all clear
new mum's think it's back to what they used to do.
and that's the problems.

The " In" things in the fitness industry at the moment is
HIIT's -High Intensity Interval Trainings
which is brilliant at the right time

Now, I've never done this but it was what was discussed
"Military Bootcamp"(and this was mentioned a lot), Cross Fit. 

None of these are wrong in their own right,
if taught in the right way.

Post-natal is a very delicate time
but what is happening or coming to light here is
the method its done.
How the coach/instructor adapted the session
to the issue/s presented to them and also is the mum telling the issues.
it's a two way street.
A lady post-natal, 6 week check-up with the Dr's,
excellent, so she's good to go..... or is she?
..,She had a diastasis (tummy separation) and 3rd grade tear..
but she had her 6 week check-up.

In my opinion.
1. Shouldn't be there at all.
2. no lifting,
3. no rotation  .
4. no burpees
5. no curls
6  no planks. 
7  no sprints
to name a few things. They could be add intra-abdominal pressure.
All very prominent exercises or workouts in Bootcamp, HIIT's etc sessions

This is what's happening...
Stress and Urge incontinence is increasing
Prolapse too, due to,
To much to soon,
with no foundation or structure in place.

Build the foundation for a strong structure first,
learn to breathe correctly, re-connect the pelvic floor muscles,
then add movement, function, load, weight, gravity, speed, agility etc.
the other side to this is to down train the pelvic floor.
so mum's are fit for purpose and function.

The stats speak for themselves
1 in 3 will suffer from some form of incontinence
50% will suffer from some form of POP in their lifetime - Pelvic Organ Prolapse.
60% who present with disatasis (tummy separation) will suffer from other pelvic health and incontinent issues.

This is where HCR classes hit all the right buttons,
from the pre and post-natal mum
any pelvic health issue, prolapse or pelvic operation.
peri to post menopause women.
It's got all bases covered.

To help keep these numbers down and give education, help and support
My next 6week Holistic Core Restore Programme starts

Thursday 14th January 2016
at The Malthouse,
The Rookery
Stratford Upon Avon
Thursdays at 6.15pm

Here's the link to book on..
only 5 on the course.


Hazel " HCRCoach " Oliver

1-2-1 is also available..

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