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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Friday, 03 August 2012
in Health

E-CookBook Fatloss and Fitness Solutions

It's been a really productive week, with the pre-launch of my e-cookbook " Fatloss and Fitness Solutions"

I am really excited to tell you about my brand new clean and healthy Fat loss e-cookbook that is going to take away all of your struggles and stresses of eating clean in an instance.

Lately I have been asking my clients and followers what their biggest struggle and frustration is with regards to losing weight and achieving results. And guess what?? They all said the exact same thing…............... WHAT DO I EAT?

It comes really easy for me to write a daily menu but for some of you it might not come quiet as naturally so I came up with the answer to all of your Nutrition problems and created a 30day meal planner cookbook, in a nutshell including:

30 Breakfasts

30 Lunches

30 Dinners

All in a manual where you can pick n mix, that’s 90 recipes in total that will last you 30 days where you never need to eat the same meal twice. Pretty cool eh?

Because ALL of the meals in the cookbook are clean, following it for 30 days you will actually see a reduction in Belly fat, Bloatedness and Fatigue. See I knew you'd love it!!!

Here’s ALL you have to do with this cookbook:

Choose 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner and Voilà!!

I couldn't make it any simpler for you, right? And ALL of the recipes are super tasty, you will never get bored as you are eating something different for EVERY meal!


My cookbook will be launched…..10th August and will cost £27 but I'm putting it out right now at a pre-launch price of just £17 pounds to just 30 buyers then it will go up to 27!!

So right NOW for £17 you get:

The 30 Breakfasts, 30 Lunches and 30 Dinners in a Recipe style cook book

Click the paypal link below to be one of the first 30 to purchase my Cookbook at 17 pounds:              


P.S Remember you won’t receive anything just yet, the launch is 10th August, you are securing the pre-launch price of £17 by buying it RIGHT NOW!




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