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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 26 November 2013
in Health

Feeling Energised or Fit to Drop


Feeling Energized...............??.                                  Or Fit to Drop........!!.   There was a time in my life, a few years ago now, When I was teaching 25+ classes per week, plus Pt clients, covering classes every week, up and above my own.
Running a home, a husband and family to feed, taxi and run around after my children. Sound familiar to anybody,??   I'm was running around like a blue ars--d fly, totally knackered and stressed..!!!. Is it me??........ or are you with me on this one.   I was one burned out instructor, so pumped up on adrenaline that I couldn't sleep, I looked like death, as My client Keith pointed out last week, my Skype picture proves this, it's awful and I totally agreed.  I was tired, running on fumes, looked and felt awful, bloated, my hair, skin, nail were broken, the list goes on... I knew I couldn't go on like this. Soooo "busy" in a whirlwind life...but with no life. This might be your life right now, ........I don't know..!! Never enough hours in the day, spinning so many plates. Really busy but going nowhere fast.
I made some changes........., I made a decision, and that was the hardest part, the "decision"
I finished teaching in a lot of clubs....., and did more for myself, In my time and what I wanted to do, with people I wanted to work with.   And "MASSIVE ", I totally changed my eating habits...!!! and the way I approached my fitness workouts, I started working smarter not harder.  See, I was already busy, busy , busy......, just like you are?,  and time was my problem but I could fit in a 10minute HIIT session, before the children got up in the mornings & in the evenings High Intensity Interval Training, twice a day, that would work for me and it did... Short , bursts of functional, all over exercises, done in 10 minutes, that appealed to me. Out went the crap and in came the clean healthy eating.., (and some people will say that I didn't really eat that bad anyway) Guess what happened..............!! I lost weight, become much leaner, stronger, fitter, my body shape changed, Slept better, dumped a load of stress stuff (like anxiety of being late for classes, with traffic etc), Not feeling bloated all the time from living on pasta for energy, there other cleaner foods for energy. I look and feel so much better in myself and I feel happier. Now, I know that a few of you will say,  but you had nothing to lose anyway, which is what I hear all the time...  But for those who were with me going through that journey I did, it's not always about weight.
If you don't want to feel better, be less bloated, lose weight, be more toned, sleep better, have an understand about healthy foods, improve your skin, nail and hair, be stronger, fitter, be more focused then this probably isn't for you.  But if you do, click on the link below.. Check the pics on my website  www.hazeloliverfitness.com      E-plan... 14 day plan By the way  my 14day BodyLean Fatburner Detox, starts on Monday 18th November,  if you want to be feeling and look better, like I did before Christmas and beyond, then click on the link below 

 Hazel "Energizes" Oliver

 Children in Need day.... always give something.. your time, support, knowledge, money...   


For EVERY Women at EVERY Life-Stage Since sending this out in Tuesday "All Things Pelvic " newsletter, the response has been amazing, so please book on to avoid disappointment
The aim of FooFooFunClub is to be a BESPOKE programme for women in all life phases wishing to improve their Pelvic Floor, Core Strength and overall wellbeing.  No one area of the body exists in isolation and so ultimately the aim has always got to be a unification of  body into one optimally functioning WHOLE.  For many women…….COMING BACK HOME TO & MAKING THEIR PEACE WITH THEIR BODIES after the natal period (pregnancy and post natal), during peri-menopause (when later-life changes begin) and ultimately during the menopausal years.

check out www.foofoofunbox.com for more detail or e-mail me.. Here's the link to book your place NOW.!!

This programme covers solutions/help for some of our most challenging life phases and what EVERY woman can do for themselves on a daily basis to bring harmony and understanding to simply where they are in their unique life journey.
This Unique 6-Week Core Restore & Movement-Based Pelvic Floor Strength programme For EVERY Women at EVERY Life-Stage, Starting Wednesday 8th January 2014, 7.45pm at The Malthouse, The Rookery, Alveston, Stratford U Avon
Booking now been taken, course numbers are limited, due to the nature, guidance, help and support needs to get the most out of the experience
Here's a little more information for you.... FooFooFunClub includes the 3 main FooFooFunBox strength exercises but now we add FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT AND WORK WITH TOTAL ‘CORE CONSCIOUSNESS’! You’ll be squatting, lunging, pulling, rotating, bending over and balancing….why?  Because YOUR PELVIC FLOOR & CORE LOVES MOVEMENT!  And during this intensive course we start reintroducing your Pelvic Floor to the rest of your body to restore its natural function and strength.

Book on NOW... (Limited spaces), link is above


Prostate Health for the Men.. Foods to add into your eating plan...

Foods, herbs and minerals that improve Prostate health and function Sweet Potato     -  full of beta-carotene, when eaten this converts to Vitamin A, great for vision & prostate, carrots, green vegetable, offal. Lycopene           -  (from tomatoes, watermelons, Spanish onions and grapefruits.), is what gives these fruits and vegetable it's reddish colour.  If cooked adding pepper will help the body absorbs lycopene better. Quercetin           -  found in broccoli, cauliflower and blueberries and zinc all benefit prostate health.  most of the lycopene found in the body is concentrated in the prostate. Putting  broccoli and tomatoes together is more beneficial than having them separately. Zinc                     - One of the most important mineral for prostate heath, as it provide and alkaline environment that protects and strengthens and fertilisation of the sperm  All cancers live in increased acidity.  Spinach is an excellent source of zinc along with pumpkin seeds, butternut squash, nuts (cashew) shellfish, raw organic cocoa, 85% cocoa organic chocolate, beans - kidney, chickpea, mushrooms. (See last week newsletter on  pumpkin/squash seeds). Selenium            -  trace mineral, Brazil nut, walnut, fish -tuna, wild rice, oats (gluten/wheat free), beef, chicken, eggs.. Vitamin C and A and D are all extremely prostate friendly  - leafy green vegetables, fruits, offal. Turmeric             -  very active ingredient in Ayurcvedic medicine " cleanser of the body", Also have anti-inflammatory properties. for example, putting together turmeric and cauliflower will bring out the best of them and enhance prostate health even more.
Always buy organic produce if it's within your budget, keep you eating a toxic free as possible,  creating the most alkaline environment for health to thrive. Disease thrives in an acidify environment..... That's your processed foods, sugars, diary, caffeine, alcohol, gluten/wheat.....
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