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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 25 April 2012
in Fitness

Fit Pro 2012

As some of you know I attended the FitPro 2012 Convention last weekend at Loughborough Uni and as you know I love to pass my knowledge on and new trends coming into the fitness industry.. I attended 2 lectures with Dr John Berardi, World leader in Fitness & Nutrition, talking on "Intermittent fasting" and those of you who have done my On-Line Fatloss Programmes will know all about Intermittent fasting.

The other was on Fitness Training for Results, how the industry is moving away from hour classes or going to the gym for an hour, it's in & out in 20/30-40 mins tops. It's what you do not how long you do something for, working smarter not harder. So it's Short sharp high intensity training for RESULTS.... again, if you have done any of my 14 or 28 day On-Line Programme you know all about those too.. as it's the most effective way to train to get results and everybody want results, lose weight, tone up, leaner, stronger...all results based...fitpro

Out of all the Pilates I did on the weekend, non were based purely on the floor, as traditional Joseph Pilates taught,...I did a class called "the Arc", which is a large piece of equipment, which I did enjoy.... All the rest was freestyle, functional, balance, resistance using your bodyweight or small equipment based ( mini balls, tennis balls, rings, rollers, bands,) & mainly standing and floor flows/sequences. So refreshing to know what you are doing is moving forward with trends and technology as we know much more about how the body moves and works then when Joseph Pilates was alive...

So the Fitness Pilates that we do and have been doing for months even years is a more functional approach to the traditional mat based pilates session.. It still applies the same principles but involves more functional movement (lifting, twisting, bending, reaching - apply that to gardening, playing a sport- golf or tennis, painting, hovering, cleaning, lifting your children or baby, putting them in a car seat etc,etc the list is endless) that we use in everyday life.. Bring pilates into the 21st century, with even most scientific, research based knowledge behind it, how the body moves within 3D planes.

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