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on Monday, 25 November 2013
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FooFoo Classes...




Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire's first and only FooFooFunClub is run by Hazel Oliver and Hazel is your FooFooFunClub Ambassador, trained by Jenny Burrell the creator of FooFooFunClub and www.FooFooFunBox.com and the founder of Burrell Education based in London.


The 6 week effective proven programme has been designed with 3 key principle areas, Education, Re-connection and Movement, making it easy for every women at every stage of their life's to understand and move forward with, for future wellbeing.


As movement and function is such a big part of our busy lifestyles and an important part of pelvic health and the pelvic floor. This ties in with Hazel's own beliefs and values as a functional trainer, health, fitness, nutrition with a very holistic approach which is very important to Hazel.


Using the FooFooFunBox (FFFB) principles of EDUCATION – RECONNECTION – MOVEMENT, FooFooFunClub (FFFC) is designed to help women everywhere to realize that purposeful MOVEMENT is the ultimate ‘friend’ of their Pelvic Floor and that Kegels are an entry level activity which then needs to be progressed to movement. Immobility is the enemy of not only Pelvic Floor/Core wellness but of a healthful life!


The aim of FooFooFunClub is to be a BESPOKE programme for women in all life's phases wishing to improve their Pelvic Floor, Core Strength and overall wellbeing.  No one area of the body exists in isolation and so ultimately the aim has always got to be a unification of  body into one optimally functioning WHOLE.  This is why this programme so appeals to Hazel, looking from the bodies structure, to function, to movement, our body's move as one we are a Kinetic chain of reactions.


There are 3 main FFFB strengthen exercises that were created for women suffering from "Genuine Stress Incontinence" but now we add FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT AND WORK WITH TOTAL ‘CORE CONSCIOUSNESS’! You’ll be squatting, lunging, pulling, rotating, bending over and balancing….why?  Because YOUR PELVIC FLOOR & CORE LOVES MOVEMENT!  And during this intensive course we start reintroducing your Pelvic Floor to the rest of your body to restore its natural function and strength and a natural progression is to do a FooFooFunClub Heat classes.




In a nutshell, as pressure is created in your core, your already weakened pelvic floor muscles aren't able to cope and do their job properly in supporting your outlets, your urethra (where you pee from) your bladder, your vagina and your anus/rectum)


Who should attend this bespoke programme, everybody, women and men, men have prostate issues, It's a pelvis and it need working.

Are you a woman seeking help for a :-


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Urinary Incontinence symptoms


A prolapse? (different types of prolapse and grades)

  • The early or returning to exercise Post Natal client - C-Section, after you have had your post natal check up and are clear to exercise
  • The active Peri/Menopausal client (currently experiencing symptoms and changes)
  • A Super Senior, less active but still mobile woman – it’s never too late!
  • Suffering from Genuine Stress Incontinence
  • Rectus Diastasis -Tummy separation
  • Recovery from a hysterectomy or another gynecological operation




You will be asked to get some awesome ‘healthy good stuff’ into your eating plan and Hazel will give you clear instructions on this and a few simple exercises that you need to do daily.  Good nutrition and a learning to look after and help yourself are also a vital part of your progress in this programme. and connect with my on-line clean eating plans 7, 14 & 28days and the Fat loss & Healthy Eating e-Cookbook


You will also learn a lot about yourself, gain some amazing knowledge about your body and nutrition.   We will be putting brilliant nourishing foods into your eating plan, the pelvic floor is a muscle so it needs feeding just like any other muscle in the body to be as its best, vitamin and mineral dense foods, rest and recover, to give optimum health to this area and the whole of your body. If we feed the cells the right foods, we create Healthy Cells = Healthy Organs = Healthy System = Healthy Bodies = Healthy Happier You.






This programme covers solutions/help for some of our most challenging life phases and what EVERY woman can do for themselves on a daily basis to bring harmony and understanding to simply where they are in their unique life journey.


Hazel is able to offer the following aspects of FooFooFunClub:


  • The original 6-Week FooFooFunClub Programme
  • Advice on Positive Pelvic Health Nutrition and our delivery of our unique plan
  • The Burrell Method for Holistic Diastasis Healing & C-Section Recovery
  • 1.  It all starts with the Foundation 6-Week FooFooFunClub Course – we educate, help the client to re-connect and get moving!  Our Pelvic Health relies on MOVEMENT and synchronizing this movement with the breath!


2.  The initial programme is supported by a in-depth Initial Consultation including a Pelvic Health Questionnaire (including Diastasis and ‘Core Synergy’ assessments designed to confirm whether this programme is truly right for the woman or whether a referral to our network of Women’s Health Physiotherapists and other clinicians is the way forward plus hands-on and holistic strategies such as……


3.  Massage & Remedial Therapies such as MET’s, STR and Instrument Assisted Massage. Hazel is a highly trained and experienced therapists and bring this to her work with women and men.


4.  Positive Pelvic Health Nutrition – EVERY person taking part in the programme whether with the Ambassador or following the programme within the FooFooFunBox is also gifted a copy of our unique Pelvic Health Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan.  Good, simple home cooking that HEALS and aid total well being through optimal nutrition and of course helps you shed a few unwanted pounds


5.  The Burrell Method for Holistic Diastasis Healing and Repair –  Biomechanics, Posture, Alignment, Breathing Patterns, Nutrition, essential Vitamins & Minerals, Hydration and more all play PIVITOL roles in the repair of post partum Diastasis healing and recovery. This tried and tested system that has bought great relief to many women who felt their tummy’s would never recover from having their baby.  Diastasis and mild urinary incontinence usually go hand in hand especially in the early Post Natal period and we knew that to truly do our job well, helping clients to recover in this area had to be a strong part of our programme. This aspect of FooFooFunClub is offered on a 1 to 1 basis.


6.  The Burrell Method for Holistic C-Section Recovery – Again, Biomechanics, Posture, Alignment, Breathing Patterns, Nutrition, essential Vitamins & Minerals, Hydration, release of possible adhesions and scar tissue all play PIVITOL roles in the helping women who have birthed via C-Section to recover great function and connection to their Core and Pelvic Floor.  C-Section recovery is massively overlooked in the world of ‘tummy rehab’ probably as less women have them compared with vaginal births but the percentage is rising globally and THERE IS A DIFFERENCE in the recovery story as anyone who has had one will confess.  It’s time to start a new conversation and truly help these women to recover.  Hazel is skilled in guiding you through this tried and tested system that has already helped many re-unite with their disconnected tummies post birth. This aspect of FooFooFunClub is offered on a 1 to 1 basis.




Can't wait for your to join the FooFooFunClub... for brilliant pelvic health, happiness and well being.





check out www.foofoofunbox.com for more information and stats.

8. Pregnancy and Post Natal Recovery Massage

Offered on a 1-2-1 basis




Your FoofooFunClub will consist of the following:-

* Weekly classes (6 weeks) 45-60 minute - 15 minute talk time

* Your own FoofoofunBox (Bands/Ball,booklet,DVD) worth £35

* Homework booklet and DVD (recieve by post)

* On-line support - weekly newsletter and entry to a private FB group.  


* All this for £97.00 for the 6 weeks (for support for a lifetime)


Here's the link to book on ...



* The 6-week programme,starting on a Wednesday evening, 8th January 2014 at 7.45pm at The Malthouse, The Rookery, Alveston, Stratord-U-Avon

* Numbers are limited due to the nature of the course and attention to detail for the clients.

* To book your spot please contact Hazel on www.hazeloliverfitness.com or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Look forward to having you on board, any questions please don't hesitate to contact me


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