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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Monday, 15 October 2012
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Health, Hormones & Happiness

Hi Guys,

Just a quick blog,!!!! if that's at all possible on this massive subject   " Hormones ",   - The Endocrine System

Just wanted to tell you about my weekend in London with the king of knowledge UK Fatloss expert Dax Moy.

It was Saturday 13th October, a 6am start to my day, that's a normal start for my BootCampers so nothing different for me, a short journey to Coventry, train to Euston, arriving 08.14am... took a 40 minute walk to the venue in Islington, London, I thought I would be sitting down all day,so the walk and fresh (not so sure on the fresh) air would be great..(Some Fitpro left Sunderland at 04.32am to get to this course, no excuses here, all action takers).

The course was " Health, Hormones and Happiness" , and WOW, it delivered and all levels, they are all so connected....!!!, from fitness, fatloss, the bodies systems, wellbeing etc,etc etc..... Where do I start, my mind is still buzzing.... so much knowledge was coming our way. 49 fellow FitPros from all over the UK, met in London for this amazing course delivered by leading Fatloss expert Dax Moy, also attending the course was  PT of the Year Charlotte Ord, you might know her off, ITV1 The Biggest Looser, as was this years PT of the Year Katie Bulmer-Cooke.  A room full of amazing talents, 20-30 of the most sucessful Bootcamp owners in the UK were also there, all to gain knowledge on this deep and massive subject, so we can pass onto our clients and advise them the best way to train, get the best out of there body, by what you eat/digest which stimulates hormones, affects health, fitness, performance and feeling.

Sometimes you can have the best workouts going but if your homones are out of balance from what your are eating, (and it does come down to what you are eating/drinking and digesting) you might as well not bother, as you might be putting to much stress on the body,(as well as life stressers) therefore spiking cortisol (stress hormone) and making your health worse, as to getting better health..(normally effect and stores around the mid-section- belly fat- stress hormone).

There is such a connection about what we eat or digest, which effect our hormones our health and our happiness... I came away with lots of amazing knowledge, especailly relating to fitness and the female cycle.

Hormones play such an important role in our bodies as to how we feel, what type of fitness should you be doing to get the best from your body..... HIIT,(High Intense Interval Training), Fitness Pilates, Freestyle FitnessYoga, TaiChi.. Steady state cardio. You certainly don't want to be doing a full on 60-90 mins session in a gym thats for sure...

Here are the 10 Biggest Things I came away with, there were so many!!!

1. Eat Clean - cut out the rubbish, processed foods, alcohol, dairy, gluten, caffeine, grains 

2. Hydration - Drink filtered/bottled still water loads, become a fish...!!1 litre per 50lbs of bodyweight is the guide..not 6-8 glasses per day.  eg,,Hazel is 120 lbs and Joe is 200 lbs do you think they needs are the same amount....?, no..!!.

3. Function as "Naturally" as possible not Normally.... Let the body run as naturally as possible. fresh, raw, organic produce.

4.Hydration and the right eating are vital for optimum health.....The Bodies Systems - Digestion, Circulation, Respiration, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Urinary, Nervous they are all connected via hydration and healthy eating, they are the X-Factors

5. De-Stress not adding stressers to the body, affecting health.. Do fitness pilates, mediate, taichi, yoga. chill out...

6. Female cycle - fitness/faloss - need to charge to be effective with estrogen and progestrogen hormones. Work with the bodies naturally cycle.(pre/peri/post menopausal ladies 40+, premature can start to happen +35yrs)

7. The Liver  - the most important organ to look after...the liver effects everything....

8. Everybody should be taking magnesium (1 to 2 hr before bed 2x RDA 400g and milk thistle 400g supplement for health benefits...............Magnesium - take the "ate" eg. magnesium citr"ate", sulph"ate", gloir"ate", malic"ate" not Oxide type, as oxide deplete the body...

9. Bed Early....Sleep zzzzzz, Bed 10.00-10.30pm latest....Hormone rebalance between (repair tissues) 10.00-02.00am..

10.  Less is More  (20-30Minute HIIT - key  mixed with Fitness Pilates, TaiChi, FitnessYoga, flexibility)

The course was still going strong at 6pm, (should of finished at 5.30-6pm.) so I had a mad dash back to Euston to catch my train back to Coventry, out of London at 6.43pm arrived back at 8.15pm. Mind mushed with so much information.... Now thinking on paper - mind dump.....Exciting times ahead, looking forward to bringing this knowledge to you in the new year....

I could go on and on, it's such an interesting and massive topic......!!!

I'll looking to put on some workshops on in the new year, covering these topics

Optimum Health, Fitness, Fatloss, Nutrition, Menopause and Wellbeing

Be Brilliant

Staying fit & healthy

Hazel :-)



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