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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Friday, 11 December 2015
in Classes

It just didn't happen for me today..!

Feed your Brain...........!

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Do you ever get those days,
when things just aren't happening for you today?
well that's me today..
and it got me thinking, why?

Do you get :-
Get a headache
Get a foggy head day
Can't concentrate
Can't remember
Bad hair day, type thing going on..

With my thinking hat on,
What do we do to nourish the brain.
We should never stop healing and helping our bodies to function at it's best.

The big thing is
we are in charge of that,
we have a big part to play in it,
through our diet habits, good and bad ones.

What we feed ourselves
and how that makes us feel.

We all have "Off" days,
and that including me,
we fall off the wagon.
But the important thing is to learn from them,
mistakes that is.  
and become tuned into our bodies, become more- 
Our body talks to us all the time,
that "Gut Instinct". that we all talk about.
Except most of the time we don't listen to it. 
We plough on,
Guilty as charged sometime...

We are so busy doing stuff,
we don't stop,
to consciously eat,
think what we are feeding your bodies to function
and gain optimal health.

We are so busy we forget to drink water,
a simple daily task,
but we forgot (guilty as charged, sometimes)
then we wonder why we might have a headache. 
The brain is approx 80% water, de-hydration could lead to brain function disorder. 

It might be abdominal gut pain,
a foggy brain, 
feeling of lethargy,
no energy, headache, or you can't sleep..  
You need to think what might be the cure?,
what have I eaten or drunk?
or done (stress)
..... Listen to you Gut Instinct, it talking to you.

There is a massive connection between gut health and brain health. 
Your gut is your second brain,  
feed it good bacteria, probiotics, maintain health gut flora/.intestinal flora.    

Great sources are, fermented foods, pickled veggie, full fat organic natural live yoghurts..
Take a look at the food pyramid, flood your body with these nourishing foods.

If you want to get your lifestyle in order,
I only have 3 place left on my Lifestyle Wellness Package in January. ..
Here's the link by the way.



If your into your reading and recourses, I highly
I recommend CLEAN - by Dr Alejandro Junger, M.D


I've had people ask about daytime classes. 
So I have booked hire on these day,numbers pending..

New class  days & times.

The Malthouse, Alveston, Stratford Upon Avon.
Tuesday 12th January 2016, afternoon at 1.30pm (The Gallery)
Wednesday 13th January 2016, mornings 9.15am (The Gallery)
Thursday 14th January 2016pm  evening at 6.15pm (Main Hall)

This will be a new course for both the foundation phase and re-fresher's.
6 week Foundation course.



For the re-fresher programme...
here the link.




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