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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 15 April 2014
in Fitness

#INSANITY.....!!!!, Oh Yeah baby #INSANITY is coming to Stratford U Avon


          Time to change...!! Calling all Men and Women too              

What is #INSANITY?

It's a Total Body Conditioning Program in one workout....!!

Working with MAX Interval training workouts,

which Increase your metabolism rate,

so we have the EPOC (Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption) effect,  YES.....!!

burn fat 24-48 hours post workout...

Burning fat when we sleep...., Sweet...


So the whole body works at its optimal levels,

for improving fitness, strength, weight loss, endurance, speed, agility, function, balance, co-ordination and offers results

Sounds good ah..!!!,

Everythings done in one 50 minute session..., bring it on, I hear you say!!

If you're like me....

busy, rushing around, being a taxi to my kids,

the school runs, feeding the family,

oh I nearly forgot the stressful commute to work AND the job, that we do everyday,

plus all the other things that life throws at us.......

then my TIME is really important and valued.


As I don't have much time as I mentioned above (and who does these days),

we're all pretty busy people, right...!!,

so spending hours in the gym,

pounding on the treadmill,

then hitting the weights, (maybe offering very little or no change.)

shower, change and by the time I get home, my day has gone...!!!

If doing what you're doing isn't working, then you need to change what you're doing to get different results.  Make sence.....?

So working Smarter and not Harder is the answer for me and you....

The #INSANITY program is,

short bursts of intervals exercises over a time frame,

that will also puts less stress on the body,

hence having better hormone balance is key too (cortisol-estrogen, HGH(human growth Horome) hormone) this is better for you.  You can get awesome results. 

The workout is split into sections:-

Block 1        Endurance & plyometrics

Block 2        Strength & Balance

Block 3        Agility & Co-ordination

Abs & Core

All the program can be modify, so it's suitable for all.

SO, lets work smarter not harder.


Tuesday           1.00-1.30pm  #InsanityEXP   Tiddington Community Ctr (TCC)

Wednedays     5.45-6.45pm  #Insanity         Rosebird Community Hall, Shipston Road,   Stratford Upon Avon CV37 8LU         http://www.rosebirdcommunityhall.org/find-us/#.U0zLKyxOXmQ

Wednesday     7.30-8.30pm   #Insanity   Lower Quinton Village Hall, The Close, Lower Quinton.

Starting  Dates     Tuesday 29th April and Wednesday 30th April 2014


What do you need? ,clothes that you can move in,  WATER and plenty of it, a towel, change of t-shirt (up to you), loads of attitude, energy and..., lets kick ass...

See you there....

PAYG Pay As You Go Session......

Weekly session £6.00per session


Check out facebook group   #INSANITY Stratford-u-AvonWarwickshire area



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