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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 03 February 2016
in Health

It's time to get the Juice Flowing

It's time to get the Juice flowing

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It's time to Juice.

It's nearly time to get the juices flowing.
Friday night is Juicy night.

I've been busy planning the evening.

Ginger Shot on arrival,
get you all fired up, alert and ready for the evening.
Ginger shots are like having caffeine hit, without the caffeine,
all natural and healing, no nasty's..

The debate on
Juicing V's Blending "The Bullet"
The pros and Cons
Soluble and un soluble fibre
what you can add to spice things up?
Different types of juicers??,  why there are different and what they bring to the juice
One Disease -One Solution

Time for another juice me think ?????,
A little hydro juice to hydrate and keep you focused

The King, sorry it's not Elvis but wheatgrass,
it growing at the moment, unsure if it will be ready for Friday
Totally organic and home grown by my fair hands

A little celebratory fizz will go down nice here, with some chocolates..
I've been busy making Raw Organic Chocolate treats for the evening, with a special surprise twist

Can't wait for Friday 5th!!!!
7.00-9.00pm at my place

If you want to join us and find out more,
then hit the link below

 Hazel "Juicing" Oliver

The Romaine lettuce and Cos lettuce are excellent for supports the adrenal gland.
If your suffering from Adrenal fatigue this might be of help to you.  Also rich iron and magnesium.  Iron is the most active element in the body and the Liver and the spleen are storages places.

Healthy cells = healthy organs =  healthy systems= healthy body

Rich Green Juice 

Romaine Lettuce

Juice, ice and enjoy

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