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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 03 December 2014
in Health

Is This You? ...

Is this you...?

Stressed, tired, moody, bloated and Christmas is just around the corner?

So much to do and not enough time to get it done., that's me too but I'm getting there.

I must tell you about my Sunday.........!!
I attended Phil Richard's book launch on Sunday,  Phil's world is strength, conditioning and nutrition, he's world class.  The book  "The Science of  Fatloss " covers 10 habits for maximum health and fatloss.

On arrival I sat right on the front row, in front of the speakers, great spot I thought, even better to find out I was sitting next to Stuart Stokes, Olympic Athlete 2012, we chatted on so many different topics at the seminar.  His dream was to be an Olympian from an early age,  that's it, an Olympian. He just missed out on Sydney, Greece, Babhein, China.., he couldn't get faster, leaner or stronger, then he meet Phil in a Physio room after an event and he was talking nutrition to Amir Khan...., sorry for the name drop but it's top health stuff..
Phil started working with Stuart, training different, eating different and adding supplementation.....,
Nothing changes, if nothing changes..!!, get what I mean.
Just like if you want to loose weight, nothing will change if you don't change it.
There is no magic pill....

Anyway, Stuart was under 5% bodyfat, nothing on him, but he was eating nothing like he said he was starving and he was told to keep his bodyfat down but he wasn't making the grade.
Even though Stuart had top nutritional advise (or so he thought) from the Olympian coach but nothing like Phil's, mother earth approach,  he's was tough, it starts from the ground up, where food is grown, toxic soil, toxic veggie, toxic meat, fish, toxic YOU...., disease thrives is an toxic environment ... it's a minefield..... First thing that went was the microwave, in the bin..
Phil looked at where the food comes from
toxicity, all aspects, from the mercury in your filing from the dentist, shampoo's, the lotions you slap on your body to smell nice but they may be harming you.. go organic, check out - The Bard's Mistress, Henley street, S-U-A.... great find. or plenty on line. Michael Todd Organics,
Loads out there.

eating as much as he wanted of the RIGHT foods
nutrient timing (not carb timing)
training smarter not harder
happiness, relaxation, laughing  sunshine - releases happy hormones
your environment, you live, work, train, eat, people you are with, negative or positive, your relationships.
Stuart was eating two, three times as much,(of the right foods)  his bodyfat was still under 5% and he was winning.!
Next trials Stuart was in the GB team....
Also in the room was World Triathlon champion Nick Dunn, again another fantastic guy.

I come away feeling inspired, motivated and ready to put things into practice, ask my bootcampers on Monday....

One of Phil's mantra's is
" Chase one rabbit, and catch it
Chase two, and you catch nothing!"

Now put this into practice when you make changes to your diet.
Change one thing at a time and make it a habit for a week and introduce another
for example....

1. Drink 2 litres of water per day.... Make it measureable
2. Have 3 lots of green vegetables at every meal time..
etc,etc you get the idea.

Always look after your health.... , from getting sunshine, rest, relaxation, laugh, healthy food and drink plenty.   DE-STRESS,

Hazel "Chase one happy rabbit at a time " Oliver



I've had a few you asking about the Pelvic floor health course...,

The focus is on pelvic floor, movement, strength and re-connection and also release.
Also weekly nutritional advice, homework, juices and amazeballs for health on certain weeks
Lean so much more about your body and how it works.

So here I go, in a nutshell 
It's 6 weeks, Thursday evening 6.15pm at The Malthouse, The Rookery, Alveston..

I'm only taking 8 on this course, and booking are already in, as people have taken advantage of the Black Friday deals.
So here's the link to book your place, this also includes your homework booklet, dvd, ball and band, these are for you to keep.  You also receive a full nutritional and lifestyle programme.



E=mail me, if you have any questions...
For those who asked for a re-fresher you can hop on this course, it's not a problem. e-mail me for costs, hopefully you still have your kit.


This is Paleolithic pyramid...., water is the biggest must in your diet......!, try for two litres per day, let me know how you get on..., especially as the festive season is here....

See if you can get any of these lean fish and meats, veggie and fruits, nuts and seeds,  herbs and spices into your diet...

Top Tip
Add organic butter, olive oil and avocado's to boost testosterone for both men and women.
Testosterone influence
Skin - supports collagen
Brain - positive feelings, aids memory
Bone Marrow - red blood cell production and Bone density
Muscle - muscle mass and strength
Male sex organs - prostate 
In the event of a stressful event or trauma, testosterone decreases traumatic and is a risk your health... eat healthy fats...

Eat fat to lose fat.
This is the Ketogenic diet....

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