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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 23 February 2016
in Health

It's upfront and personal feedback.!

It's upfront and personal feedback!
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This is the feedback I received from Alan,

Read on...!

Start point:
I am an old fashioned bloke well into my fifties with outdated views about eating healthily,
it is sufficient to say that the kitchen and supermarket were not part of my natural environment.

The barriers I faced in my journey to eating a healthier lifestyle were my own limitations in knowledge,
skill and attitude, all of which was down to me to change.
Knowledge was a key one for me as the messages I was getting from the media about food were confusing and just contradictory.
However the common message I was receiving was to ensure that you gave your body the vitamins and minerals that it needs whilst ensuring that the mix of Protein, Carbs and Fats was correct. I was still confused about how to achieve this, I didn’t need any more lectures from the media what I needed was a recipe book to show me what a healthy plate of food looked like, the ingredients required and how to prepare them.
During this process I learnt about juicing and how it was a method of getting those vital vitamins and minerals into your body quickly. I also learnt that there was more to it than simply liquidising fruit and vegetables; again my lack of knowledge was hindering me. 
Hazel then sent out an email informing us that she would be organising a Juicing Event, what good timing just what I needed, with notebook and pen poised I attended the Juicing Event at Chez Oliver.

Upon my arrival I was led into the kitchen to be confronted with a kitchen table festooned with assorted electrical gadgets and a plethora of seeds, fruits and vegetables. My collection of gadgets at home consists of a zester, a vegetable peeler which fits onto my finger and allows me to pretend that my hand is magically peeling vegetables, and a 1970s metal space ship looking contraption used to extract juice from lemons and limes to add to my cocktails. The education had already begun.
The gadgets were explained and I learnt the difference between a liquidiser, high speed juicer and cold press juicer. Key point for me was that a juicer separates the pulp from the juice whereas a liquidiser doesn’t. A key point as it can take up to 6 hours for your liver to digest the pulp.
Next the high speed juicer versus the cold press juicer, key difference for me was the heat generated by the high speed juicer can kill off some of the nutrients/enzymes in fruit and vegetables whereas the cold press juicer doesn’t.
All the gadgets were good and had their place it was very much down to what did I want to achieve?
Next Hazel addressed the time issue, good as I do not have the time or desire to assemble, disassemble and wash gadgets every morning, noon and evening.  My education continued as I learnt about how to freeze fruit and vegetables and more importantly how to freeze the juice and bulk production of juice. Brilliant this answered my question about time and washing up and also addressed my own particular issue in that I find myself throwing away overripe/mouldy fruit and veg which I had failed to eat in time. Got it! Buy reduced in price fruit and veg do one bulk juicing run a week and freeze the juice and freeze the fruit and veg not used. Remember I am a bloke!
Next I learnt that some of the bits of the fruit and vegetables that I was throwing away can be juiced and actually contain a lot of goodness. Next was wheatgrass, well what was that never heard of it, I now know it is good for you and more importantly you can grow it yourself in the kitchen?  Hazel then solved another dilemma I had, which was how will I ever remember which vitamins are in which fruit and veg, yes a spreadsheet handout. – Brilliant.
All the way through the evening Hazel demonstrated how to use the gadgets, how to prepare the fruit and veg and produced sample juices to taste. Don’t forget cleaning your teeth and using a straw.
An enjoyable, well thought through, educational evening and practical demonstration of how to Juice, thanks Hazel. At last I got to see how to do something as opposed to being told by the media what I should be doing. Top treat also included in the evening, chocolate which is good for you!
I have now been eating healthily for 2 months and I am about to add Juicing to my menu. This healthy eating has definitely got a lot to offer me, my body is already agreeing.

Hazel "Feedback" Oliver

Juice Tribe
Friday 18th March, is the Juicy Roadshow evening

As you have read the feedback from Alan,
Here's the link to take action.

The do's and don't of juicing
Why Juice?
Do you juice?
Do you Bullet or blend?

Friday 18th March  2016
At my home - Meon Vale, S-u-A

Only 5 places left now..., first come first served.
Super Early bird   £19.00- ends 4/3/16
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By the way, here's the link


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