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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 30 September 2015
in Health

Juiced Up....

Juiced Up....!

Really excited to bring "Why Juice" Workshops,

It's been a lots of hard work studying,
all hours god sends but I've gone and done it.
I've qualified as a fully trained
Independent Natural Juice Therapist (INJT) at the juice master,
AKA Jason Vale Academy. 

I've said it before,
it's all about health without your health you have nothing

Got a juicer but don't know what to do?
Got a smoothie maker but don't know what to do?
Got a bullet but don't know what to do ?

Do I juice or do I bullet?
Smoothie or juice?
Fibre or not? soluble or non
water soluble or not

Which juicer do I get?
should I get a bullet, as everybody else has got one....!
just because everybody has a bullet doesn't mean it right for you
and you needs.
do I get both?

and the BIG one, SUGARS....?
so many question and decisions! my head hurts, just thinking about it.
So you end up getting nothing
getting something you don't use
then that a waste of money.

At the end of the day its your health, 
which you want to look after

You want to be in good health
feeling alive, full of energy, vitality, vibrant, sleeping like a log
look good and feel good about you and looking forward to life.

Lets get healthy and get juicing.
I want to share the many health and wellness benefits
juicing bring to your glass at your table.

If you're in a workplace or WI or other type of community organisation
then please get in touch.



The Juice Master school is now recognises as "The School of Natural Juice Therapy", with the course been accredited by the CMA.
The comprehensive course covered Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition and Juicing as well as an inventive academy weekend.

Some of the conditions that Juicing may be able to help you with,
if you are suffering from

Morning sickness
Cholesterol levels
High Blood Pressure
Weight Gain
Menopause years
Pre and post natal wellness
Overweight but malnourished
Mineral and vitamin deficiently
Poor sleep
Low energy 
Common Cold

I could go on and no, because my list does......................

Want to start feeling better,
then get in touch.

To book a one to one appointment
please get in touch
hit me back an e-mail and we can arrange and appointment
Introductory offer of £47.00

Here the link to book in



Be Brilliant

Hazel " Juicy" Oliver


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