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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Saturday, 20 February 2016
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Juicing it, could help with your 5 a day

Juicing it, will help with your 5 a day
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Juicing it, will help with your 5 a day!

So how could you improve your health quickly?
Juicing could be the answer for you!
Because my last juice evening was a great success,
I’m doing another before the Easter holidays.
Now I’m only looking for "10" people who want to make a difference to their health?
Only 7 places left.

Here’s what Kellie had to say
“ Hi Hazel,
Thank you for last night I really enjoyed it and learnt loads.
I feel a million dollars this morning so I must of had something last night I am lacking, just wish I knew what !
thanks once again
kelliex  “

Want to know what Kelly find out, than here’s the link to book on


Are you wanting to learn about Juicing
did you have one for Christmas ?
or do you have one hiding in your cupboards somewhere?

Juicing V’s blending (Bullet)
Vitamins & Minerals
Health conditions.

Juicing yourself healthy is a holistic approach
to health and wellness through natural raw foods.
With raw foods we have the life force of life and that’s
where juicing comes into its own, as all the ingredient is raw.

In all raw fresh foods, enzymes are 100% alive and kicking. 
The more raw foods you eat the more alive your body feels,
we should be aiming for at least 50% raw food per day.

As soon as you cook foods to 129 degrees F you destroy the enzymes,
in effect you kill the food, no vitamin or mineral value at all. 
You’re eating dead food.
Low enzymes = low metabolism = low energy level.

The more life in the food you eat,
the more life in your body for longer.

Juicing just might help you with the following health problems or issues,
if you’re suffering from any of the health diseases or problems below. 

  • Decrease high blood pressure -  Hypertension

Stabilize low blood pressure  
Stabilize blood sugars                - Hypoglycemia
Decrease cholesterol
Promote better sleep
Boost metabolism
Decrease Cardiovascular disease
Morning sickness
Motion sickness
Boost libido
Pre-post-natal pregnancy wellness and recovery
And my list is endless…………….
If you have a condition, then juicing could be your answers.
There are added side effects that benefit from all of this natural juicing.
It could lead to weight loss, more energy, better health,
wellness, improved sleep, Blood pressure lowered,
reduced cholesterol. 
Simple movement like walking outdoors is great,
it also get you exposed to sunlight to enhance update of Vitamin D.
If you think you would like to improve your health,
wellness, vitality, have amazing energy levels.

“As an independent Natural Juice Therapist,
I have successfully completed The Juice Master’s Juice Therapy course
and participated in the juice academy.
This is a comprehensive course covering Biology; Anatomy & Physiology;
Nutrition and Juicing.
The course is accredited by the CMA (complimentary medical association)
and ‘Juice Master’ is registered and recognized as a school of Natural Juice Therapy


Friday 18th March  2016
At my home - Meon Vale, S-u-A
Limited space..., first come first served.
Super Early bird   £19.00- ends 4/3/16
Early Bird             £21.00 - ends 11/3/16
Normal price        £25.00  - after 16/3/16

Actions speak louder than words.
Super Early Bird price....,  


Hazel “Juice it” Oliver

Reminder No Classes from
from Monday 15th to Thursday 18th February 2016

All classes back to normal Friday 19th February.

Happy Half term break.

Happy Valentine's Day

Do you have a Cold Pressed or Centrifugal Juicer
What's the difference?
Come and play juicing and find out what's, what!

Green is Go
Green is for Energy.

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