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on Friday, 21 September 2012
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Less is More


                                                                Newsletter Friday 21st September

I attended the LIW Leisure Industry Week this week at the NEC, and look bumped into same amazing athletics..., Frank Bruno, Christina O'huruogo, James Cracknell, Gail Emms, Champions, champions, champions in their own fields of triumph, right time right place, as they say.... The LIW is where the fitness industry big brands stamp there mark in the marketplace and put forward, new equipment, ideas, trends & launches coming in to the industry.... What coming.. Bokwa (African theme dance, performed in letters formation- so you dance in letters A C etc,etc) so this new dance craze will be hitting the community and Les Mills launches in the big clubs Virgin, Sha-ma, (the same but disco, old skool music, all challenging the marketplace with Zumba..

30 Minute classes are going to be big... people have less time but want an effective workout, so 30 Minute classes are coming, HIIT( high Intensity Interval Training & Metabolism training are trending... SGT- Small Group (Personal) Training- offering nutritional information as well as an workout/exercise class, not as expensive as a PT session and not a cheap as a class..& of course BootCamps

Quote -

"Desire" That's the one secret of every man's career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents, Desire"..............................                           Bobby Unser

Class News.....................

All classes are Busy and lovely to see everybody back work hard in the sessions...

Most of my BootCampers are early birds with one evening. What a brilliant way to start the day, gets the mind working and your bodies. You can achieve great things just by thinking you can do ------..I know some of your are out of your comfort zone in the mornings...,that's when we achieve brilliant things being outside your comfort zone.... You are all working really hard, great start to the next 28days....great effort, thank you

Tuesdays Hampton Lucy 7.30pm at the village hall, you are on fire !!!!!

Thursdays The new 30Minute HIIT & FatBuster are going down a storm..

I'm really proud of you all........

I would like to mention a special " Good Luck" to Sarah & Andy who get married this Saturday.... Sarah is a regular with the Hampton Lucy crew..., all the best from everybody in the class.......         wishing you both much health, wealth & happiness..

Thursdays Fitness Pilates 7.30pm at The Malthouse, Alveston, is going from strength to strength

Keeping on the thought of the new classes, HIIT, Fatbuster, BootCamp, this was my inspiration for this week's newsletter and something one of my clients said which also got me thinking..... I know, me thinking that dangerous....

Less is More     Less is better when it comes to burning fat. Yep, that’s right I said it. But before you get to excited with happiness and joy, let me explain. Less doesn’t mean easy and it certainly doesn’t mean you can slack off…heck no, you know me...!!! In fact, if you do it right, less is often, however (4/5) many times MUCH harder! Now, I’ve been a fan of High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) for a long time as some of you know and I can’t imagine spending much longer than 30 minutes total working out. 30 minutes may seem incredibly short to some, but when you do it properly, it’s more than enough time to stimulate your muscles and boost your metabolism,(get that fat out of the cells and around your transportation system and by keeping super hydrated, flushing out those toxins from your systems so we get healthy), so you can build lean strong muscles and burn fat effectively without wasting time, as time is precious...

The key to the effectively workout sessions for such a short duration is intensity. How successful you are in getting the desired results is largely dependent on how much intensity you can put into a workout. So all those squat jump, jump lunges, burpees with jumps, high knees etc, I get you to do are all done and structured for a reason. The more you can push yourself the better off you’ll be. The great thing is, your body adapts quickly, so it won’t take long before you can start gradually upping the intensity of your workouts.

The intensity of the workouts can be increased many ways, but there are 3 ways in particular that really makes a difference.

(1) Increase the load/weight you use

Intensity increases relative to the weight you lift. The heavier the load the more intense the exercise becomes. However, choosing the right weight depends on the type of exercise, kind of workout, number of reps and sets. Selecting the proper weight is more of an art than science and ultimately it comes down to trial and error. Choosing the appropriate weight for you depends on your current strength level and so it’s important that you don’t get your ego involved (this is probably more pertinent for men and women). Lifting weight that’s are too heavy for you does nothing more than putting you at risk of getting injured, not a good start. When you choose the proper weight, you should be able to perform the exercise with near perfect form. When fatigue kicks in during your workout, it’s best to stop before your form starts getting sloppy. You should never compromise form just to finish the required number of reps.

(2) Speed/tempo of the exercise

You can easily change the intensity of an exercise just by changing the speed/tempo. The slower you move, the more tension you put on your muscles and more intense it the exercise becomes, the harder the muscles have to work, though contractions, without getting to completed with different types of contractions etc,...However, moving too slowly becomes a tedious and although the benefits are good, I find that it’s difficult to get into a nice rhythm. When you’re doing workouts with all-out intensity, things like motivating music, environment and speed/tempo of the exercises make a big difference. For this reason, I prefer to perform the exercise with normal speed or tempo, which is a 1 second count on the pushing or pulling phase of the exercise (also known as the concentric contraction) and a controlled speed/tempo of 2 - 3 or 4/1 or 1/4 second count on the return phase of the exercise (also known as the eccentric contraction). The exception to the rules is when you’re performing exercises that require explosive movements or momentum such as Olympic lifts and kettlebell exercises. Speed/tempo is something you can experiment with yourself to find what works best for you, and you can also use it to your advantage when you aren’t able to use any weight or when the weight you’re using becomes too easy but you don’t have access to heavier weights. In both of these cases, slowing down your speed/tempo is a great way to increase the intensity of the exercises and workouts. For instance, try doing push ups with a 4 second count down and then a 1 second count up for 10 reps, or if you can’t perform push ups try bodyweight squats with a 2 second count down and a 4 second count up for 20 reps with no pause at the bottom or top. It’s pretty challenging! Remember your body is a best mobile gym out there, - use your bodyweight to perform these exercises, no gym required...Think about it, I get you using your bodyweight to act as the resistance in all of my classes that you attend...eg. Push up/press-up ... if you're in the gym on a fixed piece of machine i.e. chest press machine, select your weight to lift example 20 kgs, life it 10 times.. ok, let's look at that, first it an isolated exercise just using one muscle group , sitting down, weight is pretty much stacked through pelvis, hips, shoulder, sitting is restrict movement of the lower body..

Let's use your body as the resistance. let's say your 80 kgs.. already you have upped you weight load, in a plank position, so the load to gravity ratio has changed the whole dynamics of the body and exercise and you could move this exercise is all 3 planes of motion and your working so many other muscles and joints at the sometime.. more effective, less time, do less achieve more..Let's work smarter not harder...


(3) Rest interval
Rest is another method uses that can really easily increase or decrease the intensity of an exercise or workout. The idea of rest during a workout, is to make sure that your body recovers enough so that you can give your best effort the very next set. However, depending on the kind of workout you’re doing, reducing rest and only getting a partial recovery is a great way to crank up your intensity. Decreasing rest interval is a popular way to increase intensity when performing metabolic conditioning workouts. Metabolic conditioning is aimed at improving your general overall fitness (strength, power and endurance) also known as work capacity. The better your metabolic conditioning the more work you’ll be able to perform in a shorter amount of time, making you a stronger, leaner, fitter, healthier(I love those words) person. Using metabolic conditioning workouts are also a great way to get in shape. A great example of a metabolic conditioning workout is the (now famous) Tabata workout, where you only rest for 10 seconds between bouts of 20 seconds of all-out exercise (such as a sprint) repeated 8 times for a total duration of 4 minutes. If you’ve never done it before give a shot. It’s ridiculously intense! (You know I love my interval rest as a training method.. 30/30, 40/20 , 45/15 and the toughest 50/10.

It’s important to note though, that decreasing rest is not appropriate for all workouts. When you’re doing workouts geared specifically for pure strength or speed development, getting ample rest 3 - 5 minutes is essential to ensure you’re able to give the best performance each and every set. Different type of training methods) Also, rest is something that can be adjusted according to how you feel. If you’re not feeling energetic, perhaps a little rundown from stress at work or lack of rest/sleep, you may need to increase the rest interval. Getting that extra few seconds of rest can really make a difference in your recovery and give you that little extra boost so you can give a better effort during the exercise/s. So there you have it in a nutshell. Three key methods you can use to increase the intensity of your workouts. More is not always better and when it comes to burning fat and building a lean body, it’s more dependent on intensity than duration. All you need is 30 minutes (or less) and you can get an amazing workout in and get great results.

Staying fit & healthy            



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