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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Sunday, 27 April 2014
in Health

New Beginnings....!!

New Beginnings

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New beginnings

This week has brought about new beginnings, my son Ryan started a new high school, Chipping Campden.  A massive change for him, he was nervous, anxious, worried, about not knowing anybody, a new bus route, new people on the bus, a different morning routine, different start and finish time to his school day, he knew nobody there.    But he did brilliantly, much better than I thought, but I should never doubt him because he always raises his game. He was happy when I saw he at the end of his first day. A delight and relief, phew..............

It's a bit like my #INSANITY classes, they are new,
new venues, times, days.  A whole new venture. 

There was a full house at Hampton Lucy last Tuesday, 
and I had some brilliant feedback
from the class crew that evening
and the following days, so thank you guys. 

It's always difficult doing something different
because as a rule , we don't like change.
as we are outside our comfort zone,
of the structure, the format,
the music, the people, the system.
it's all different.
But being outside your comfort zone
is where the magic happens.

It's different, you'll get different results,
If you keep doing what you are doing
then you keep getting the same results.
Why would you expect change,
if you've haven't changed anything?

I'm always a great optimist as you know
and believe things happen for a reason
and people cross your path because 
you're meant to meet them or have them in your life

So embrace change and move forward with it,
the future is bright, so let it shine.

BIG congratulations to Alicia and the team for doing the WOLF run yesterday...Awesome effort girls...:-)) ..

BIG congratulations to all the Stratford half and full marathon runners today, well done everybody....!!!!

For my Juice Tribe....
Pineapple Punch...

3/4 medium Pineapple
3 or 4 cm Broccoli stem.
2 or 3 cm chunk fresh ginger

Juice everything together add ice
Drink and enjoy

As I have said before ginger has brilliant anti-inflammatory properties.  A study in the "Journal of Medicinal Food", researched that ginger alleviated muscle pain more effectively than aspirin.  A much more holistic approach to natural healing.

Broccoli is a fantastic source of vitamin C
For all the athletes out there, University of South Carolina found that high doses of vitamin C before and after exercise reduces muscle sourness, yes !!! reduced the effects of DOMS.
So if you're a gym bunny, sport team player and need quick recover and turn around, then increase quality vitamin C intake.

#INSANITY Classes....................

Starting 29th April 2014
Tuesdays  Tiddington Community Ctr  1.00-1.30pm

Tuesdays   Hampton Lucy Village Hall

Wednesdays -
30th April,   Rosebird Community Hall  5.45-6.45pm

30th April,  Lower Quinton Village Hall  7.30-8.30pm

Reminder No classes 7th & 8th May 2014, as I'm London on a 2day LIVE course -  3rd Age Fitness, Health & Wellness course.

Sadly :-(
7th May, No insanity at Rosebird or Lower Quinton
8th May, No Heat
But Fitness Pilates at 7.30pm at The Malthouse, Alveston will go ahead, my train get in 18.45pm.



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