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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 09 April 2014
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On The UP....!!

On The UP

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I can't believe I'm coming to the end of teaching another foofoo pelvic health course.  The 6-week unique pelvic floor, core-restore programme finishes this week..., time flies when your having fun.

I love the positive effects this amazing course is having on peoples lives, lifestyle and wellness.  Simple everyday tasks which have been a nightmare for them in the past, like playing with their children, running or more challenging events, like a 20 mile run for one of my ladies, picking up something, a child, baby, a box or shopping.  As load effect the pelvic floor, along with gravity and the important breathe, this is no longer...They are educated and have a much better understand of the pelvic floor and it's role.

It's reaching out on so many other topics too, nutrition, fitness (on the 6-week "HEAT"- functional fat loss metobolic programme, without a jump in sight....phew I hear you say but gets the massive benefits from functional, and strength movements.
Wonderful juicing and amazing recipes for go forward with and support for life.

A MASSIVE thank you ladies

Enjoy Easter and beyond...

If you want to have this next found freedom then hop onto the next foofoo programme. We starts either on Wednesday 14th May 7.45pm or Thursday 15th May 6.15pM


Those doing Change ONE Thing...then check out this link

They are on the UP....!!

It's top of the League for Stratford 1st Ladies Hockey...!!

BIG congratulation to Emma Davis and her team for winning the Warwickshire division 1 ladies hockey league, an amazing achievement.  They were so close last season and just piped at the post but came back this season, and they nailed it......

Next season they are on the way Up to the Midland league... enjoy the journey ladies.
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This brilliant quote came into mind, which just fits this perfect...
Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win - Vince Lombardi

By the way, team captain Emma and hockey crew member Rachel attend my early morning bootcamp crew, either doing two or three session per week.

Be part of a winning team
3 x per week


2 x per week



Be Brilliant

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