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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Friday, 06 November 2015
in Health

Double Whammy...!!Ovaries Recovery and Menopause...


It was a double whammy for my client Blanche.   Blanche approach me regarding an up and coming operation she was having, an Oophorectomy, removal of her ovaries removed.  Wanting nutrition, wellness and fitness advise.

Blanche had a keyhole surgical procedure to remove her ovaries. Your ovaries are almond-shaped organs that sit on each side of the uterus in your pelvic girdle. Your ovaries contain eggs and produce hormones that control your menstrual cycle.

As well as Blanche having this operation, Blanche would also be going into menopause too, a double whammy. Having to cope with menopausal symptom, like night sweats, hot flushes, sleep issues, moodiness, anxiety, depression, virginal dryness, loss of libido to name a few.

Before the operation I was already preparing Blanche with her pre operation nutrition and as I’m a fully qualified Independent Natural Juice Therapist, juicing is a brilliant way to get nourishing foods, live enzymes, which are the life force, vital vitamins and mineral dense goodness into Blanche’s body quickly. So healing can start straight away.  We heal from the inside out. 

Having looked at Blanche’s food diary I was aware that things had to change, which is a big ask but Blanche embraced the whole journey and so much more. Supplementation were added for additional healing benefits.




Lifestyle, Health, Wellness Holistic Core Restore for Every Women

Lifestyle, health, wellness and fitness is a massive subject and I’m able to help, guide and support you back to health, wellness and a better lifestyle

I’ll do a nutritional overview, with health & wellness the key issues. If we look after your health, wellness, vitality, energy and a better feeling you will follow. As well as nutrition wellness I’m an Independent Natural Juice Therapist, bring a different element to health and wellness and beyond.

I offer a package of 3 x 1 hour sessions, over a period of weeks that work with your time frame.

The package of 3 sessions is normally £177.00 First session £67.00, second and third are £55.00 each, if you had them separate. However if you have the 3 x 1 hour sessions the Health & Wellness package is £157.00. Let me know what time and place would work best for you. (First session maybe up to 90 minutes)

  1. I would look at your nutrition, so I need a 5-7 day food diary and a mood diary

Listing all foods eaten, what you're drinking and the times

2. Medical and past history

3. Fitness

4. Hormones

5. Menopause

6. Mind-set

7. Lifestyle

And any other issues which might be an issue or interest....  

Here’s the link to book



Pelvic Cavity procedures as well as Oophorectomy could be Hysterectomy, Fibroid, C-Section, Diastasis, Prostatectomy.

Any questions, please ask away.....

Staying fit and healthy


Be Brilliant





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