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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 07 January 2014
in Diet

Still Stuffed Like A Turkey

I'm Still Stuffed like a Turkey
I'm still a bit of a stuffed Turkey and I might still pop....................
I can always change that if I choose too and want to.
but I'm still enjoying all things Christmas with Daz , Ryan & Sian, family and friends
I'm always busy working away, just like a lot of you do, to get stuff done. (GSD - Get Stuff Done)
busy putting together the next project and seeing things through to the finish.
We all have brilliant ideas but what let's us down,  is we don't see things through,  that's the difference, seeing things through to the bitter end, things might get a bit tough and you need to do things over and over again until it's right, working into the early hours but you've got to do it, if you want it bad enough.

Just like my e-Smoothie book, all done and dusted or so I thought... I had it back last weekend but I wasn't happy with some things so I sent it back. 
All my hard work, late nights to get it finished and out in time for Christmas, went out the window.
It needs to be right,  one for 2014 now.
Lots of Fizz for New Year and hope 2014 is a brilliant year for you all
I'm still human just in case you're wondering.
Nothing to click on today but thanks for looking :-)
Don't worry, 7Day Detox and 14Day fatbuster plans start 6th January 2014...

FooFoo Classes for 2014

Make a different to your pelvic floor

If confidence were available on a shop shelf, trust me it would be continuously "Out of Stock".  Confidence inspires, motivates, drives, rewards and keeps pushing you forward.  However 
Pain and embarrassment on the other hand stagnates and can stop you dead in your tracks.
Here's the  link to book on


For all you runners out there,  

Full details on the website

or e-mail me
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Fibre Provider Smoothie

Check out the link below or copy & paste into your browser


Trust you had a brilliant Christmas, enjoy some downtime with your family and friends and it's nearly new year.

Since Boxing day I have started running again.
I've entered some races next year, with a few hard core girls
from my Bootcamp. We have a 10k in Feb and a 20 mile race in May.

So I need to run and I didn't see the point of waiting until the new year, procrastinate and push it back. So I just did it,  I'm only going about 3 to 4 miles at the moment, it was tough to get started, felt slow, legs like lead, moving through sludge, felt heavy in myself, very uncomfortable but I did it again, again and again.  My hamstrings, well you could play them like a piano string, especially the following days after I had ran, but I've started to get into it now and creating a habit. 

I want to get that feeling of lightness when I run, at ease, feel good, enjoy it , get some head space time and feel fit for purpose by May.

It's not how you start it's how you finish.....!!!

Anything new is a challenge, you're changing your habits, your routines, your environment...
just like a new job, moving house.
Just like a 7day detox plan or 14day fatbuster plan.  It's going to be tough and you get your mind-set into gear, and you get into those new health habit and move forward.

I'm on the eating too,  feeling sooooo stuffed of festive foods, I want to feel less stuffed and bloated, have more energy, stronger, fitter and more me...!!!!

I'll be opening the 7Day Detox and 14day Fatbuster Plan on Wednesday 1st January 2014....
If you can't wait then go to  

www.hazeloliverfitness.com to book on, go to e-plans or news and advise pages

Happy New Year
Staying fit & Healthy
Success never stands sti

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