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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Friday, 12 February 2016
in Health

Swim in the Blue sea and not the Red.!

Swim in the Blue Sea not the Red..!

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Swim in the Blue sea not the Red..!

Stay out of the red and in the blue.

It’s all about keeping it in the BLUE and not the RED, on the pH scale,
Do you remember those school days?
When you did experiments with litmus paper!,
long time ago for me.!
So you may all know that the body is nearly 80% water
did you know your cells are nearly 98% water
and that’s in order for them to remain a healthy environment,
they need a pH of 7.4, neutral and that is waters pH.
Cells prefer a slightly alkaline environment to an acidic one!
Remember the acidic/alkaline litmus paper test in school.
It went yellow to red for acidic
or blue to purple for alkaline!.
The pH Miracle, Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Dr Robert O Young
have stated that in order to prevent disease
and premature ageing, the body should remain in a slightly alkaline state
you want your litmus paper to be in the blue!
Most people would probably
find that their litmus paper was yellow or red
depending on how acidic their bodies are
and how poor their nutrition is.
Once again, the very food we put into our mouths affects us at a cellular level.
Health always goes back to cellular levels and when we become too acidic our bodies become imbalanced and we start to become diseased, tired as well as overweight!
The pH of our internal fluids affects every cell in our body,
there are trillions of cells...
More importantly for those of you wandering why,
despite your best efforts you can’t lose weight,
chronic acidity KEEPS YOU FAT!
And that’s why keeping super hydrated it a key facture.
When the cells are sitting in an acidic environment
they start to change in size and shape
this is not a good place for them to be as these higher forms equal disease.
This results in disease such as osteoporosis,
arthritis, gout, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes,
cancer, lupus, high blood pressure, weight gain,
bladder conditions (if you suffer from cystitis look
at when you get it and what type of foods you were eating before),
immune deficiency, hormone disruption (which also causes weight gain),
chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, to name but a few…

Your gut is your second brain and your immune system is around your gut.
feed it the right foods.
So what causes these imbalances –

  • Simples…!!,What you put in your mouth
  • – sugar, processed food, dairy, alcohol, wheat/gluten and remember all carbohydrates are broken down to sugars. Wheat, rice, potatoes, cereals, breads are included in this list, as they all break down to sugar.
  • Psychological issues –  what you feed your brain, your thoughts, stress, negative self-talk, and depression, negative environment, money worries, relationships, family issue, work plus whatever life throws in your path.
  • Over exertion – yes exercise is a stressor too, could be making you acidic – this is a big reason to be looking at your nutrition and take a whole body approach and rebalance this acidity caused by exercise – you can't OUTRUN a Bad Diet! or OUTEAT it..
  • Not listening to your body when it talks to you – taking a pill is only masking the underlying problem. Get to the root cause. What is the cause of the problem or situation, treat the cause and not the symptom.
  • For me, whilst my goal may not be about weight loss but looking at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So how do you ensure the correct pH in our body?
Door are open for March Lifestyle Package,
here's the link by the way


Hazel " in the Blue " Oliver

Juice Tribe
Due to the success of my last juicing evening

I'm going to do another Friday 18th March Juicy Roadshow

This is some feedback from the last one

Hi hazel,


I really enjoyed the evening.  It was very informative not only about juicing but about health issues and advice in general.  Your delivery was brilliant and I especially loved the demonstration with chicken in the bowl of water at the end. It definitely made me think seriously about what I have stuffing down!!!
Many thanks again Hazel for a really entertaining and informative evening. You have seriously motivated me to get juicing again.

Kind regards  C

The do's and don't of juicing
Why Juice?
Do you juice?
Do you Bullet or blend?

Friday 18th March  2016
At my home - Meon Vale, S-u-A

Limited space..., first come first served.
Super Early bird   £19.00- ends 4/3/16
Early Bird             £21.00 - ends 11/3/16
Normal price        £25.00  - after 16/3/16

By the way, here's the link


Ginger Shots...!, 

Down in one.
Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antibiotic, anti histamine
Natural, holistic healing...

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