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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 26 November 2013
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The Silent Secret of the Pelvic Floor

The Silent Secret...                  Of the Pelvic Floor.
Do you find yourself not having enough control? When you laugh? Run for the car or bus, Knowing you're going to sneeze, so you brace yourself, cross your legs in readiness. Totally ashamed and/or embarrassed.   When you arrive somewhere, first things always checking out where the loo's are.     That dreaded moment when somebody comes up behind you and digs their fingers into the side of your waist totally unexpected.., nightmare moment!!! or is this just happening to me?  Are you   suffering in silence and/or to embarrassed to talk about It.?   This is a really serious problem and needs addressing....... I'm starting The FooFooFunClub, Wednesday 8th January 2014, 7.45pm, at The Malthouse, Alveston
Sometime we are too embarrassed to go to the doctors or talk to our friends, so we just put up with things and pretend everything is ok, instead of speaking up for ourselves.     We keep the incontinence pad companies in big business. The doctor will just advise kegels, (which is a great first port of call) or an operation, But why not try and help yourself with a more holistic approach.   Instead of just living with the problem as if everything is ok, it's hidden, so nobody knows. Take action and do something to help your problem and have support for life. In 6 week, you will feel the difference, your eating is really important part of Pelvic Health, remember  the Pelvic Floor is a muscle.   It's really common in athletes...!! Are you a runner or play a sport?  Do you run for the bus, laugh, sneeze, cough, jump up and down for joy, everyday things that you do without thinking.   Look at these two examples A marathon runner and a sprinter. Both place excessive load on their pelvic floor as they run, via intra-abdominal pressure. The difference here is length of time spend running.  Again it's a mistake to assume that the sprinter carries less load over time,  Because of the shorter distance, they need explosive power and strength, Obtaining it, they have be spending hours in a gym pushing heavy weights (load) in excess of their bodyweight,  As well as doing plyometric movements, with again will add increased pressure on their pelvic floor.   From studying and learning about Pelvic Health, I know how common it is 1 in 4 suffer in silence from stress incontinence and/or prolapse!. I can't wait to get my FooFoo classes into the community And start helping ladies, at all stages of life. check out     www.foofoofunbox.com  
Buy the way , the 6 week course starts on Wednesday 8th January 2014,  at The Malthouse  7.45pm .. Limited numbers...
 Contact me if you require more detail or mail me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Check out this link , relating to healthy eating,  incontinence, diabetes...  

Good Morning and what a way to start your day. Top supplements for a Detox

1. A Greens Drink
 2. Lemon/Lime in water first thing
 3. Milk Thistle
 4. Magnesium
5. Zinc
6. Probiotic
7. L Glutamine
8. Fish Oils
 9. Vitamin D
10. Filtered/Bottled Water
Last 7Day Detox before the Christmas Starts 2nd December 2013.. see www.hazeloliverfitness.comfor details

Bad Weather Policy In the event of snow/bad weather, I will make a decision by 3pm on the day of  the class. Giving enough notice to cancel the class/es. Please make sure I have your contact details, so you get notification and don't travel unnecessary. Notice via newsletter/text/phone call/fb 
Finishing touches are going onto my new website for my massage therapy, I'm hoping it will be finished within the next 7 days.

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