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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 11 June 2014
in Diet

Thought provoking thoughts ...

Provoking thoughts.......The Power of the Mind

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Lots of you have been asking about my classes, so here you go......

Tuesday       Tiddington Community Ctr 1.00pm   Insanity

Tuesday       Hampton Lucy VH              7.30pm   Cardio Fat buster

Wednesday  Rosebird Community         5.45pm   Insanity

Wednesday  Lower Quinton VH              7.30pm   Insanity

Thursday      The Malthouse, Alveston   6.15pm   Insanity

Thursday      The Malthouse, Alveston   

7.30pm  Fitness Pilates

A Tumbleweed of thought provoking thoughts.......!!!!!

Part 1
Last Saturday I took a drive up to the East Midlands and what a Saturday it was.
I attended a Lifestyle day hosted by Rachel Holmes, with a fantastic line up of speakers.   From dawn till dusk behind closed doors, with a room of 50plus fitpro's at The Thistle Hotel

It was up with the larks at 05.30am but so worth it, a session time start of 07.00am was set for the day.   Sometimes early starts put people off, but you know what?  you  just got to do what you got to do, if you want to hang out with the right people, doing what you want to do, ready to learn, listen and all that super cool stuff, so you have to make the effort, it's always worth it in the end.  My bootcamp crew are always early birds, it becomes a habit, a great healthy habit and just part of your lifestyle and you can create more healthy lifestyle habits.

We hit the floor running, well actual we did a Fitness Pilates session to set the scene for the day, mind and body, the day just kept getting better and better, brighter and brighter until it was dazzling...!!!
I don't know where to start, as it was all so brilliant, so here goes.

This is a snap shot of my day...................
09.00am soon come around and the day kicked off with Phil Richards, owner of Phil Richards Performance - world leading strength, condition and nutrition expert coach for Worcester Warriors, British Lions, England and Harlequins in the Rugby world.  Bolton Wanders.  Amir Khan - boxer, Glenn Ross- world strongest man and Nina  Ross- Miss Fitness UK body building champion.  Safe to say he knows his stuff.   I have spoken about Phil before as some of you know, his knowledge is gold dust

Phil kicked off his words of wisdom with.
The power of the mind....., your thoughts...., your belief.......your self talk....
A lot of talk and science about been well nourished, feeding both your mind and body, both are equally important.
---- Hormones, those lovely hormones again, always a talking point.
---- The liver, if you want a healthy life, look after it now....!!
---- Be in the right Environment for what you want to achieve
---- Cells are only as healthy as their environment.

Part 2 -  later
Then I listen to the news on the radio and it's saying yesterday and today that Pre Diabetes is on the increase but it can be controlled by making some healthy lifestyle changes
Its the choices that you have made in the past that have got you where you are now.  Make some changes now and make a different for the better before you get a wake up call from your body.  Act now....

28day Lifestyle Change programme on-line plan 
Starting 23rd June 2014... 

Get healthier, get fitter, get stronger, reduce BP, feel less bloated, improve you sleep, mood and start to feel brilliant about yourself.....!!!
Get my 30 Breakfast, 30 Lunches and 30 Dinner fatloss e-cookbook free (normally £17)
Support, help and guidance from a secret facebook group.

By the way here's the link, if you can to take action now...., if your not willing to make some changes then this programme isn't for you. 



Be Brilliant

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