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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 07 December 2016
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To Pee or Not to Pee..

To Pee or Not to Pee,

Another Taboo subject that is common but not normal

Bladder Irritation and what you can do about it in a holistic way.

A quick vid with more helpful healthy hints below.

Some simple healthy bladder hints for life.
1. Keep well hydrated with water (2 litres per day) - for 2 litre you should go to the loo, 5-7 times
2. Reduce caffeine
3. Reduce Alcohol
4. Never strain
5. Avoid using bath bombs - try Epsom salts baths - relaxing, good for sore muscles, absorption of the relaxing mineral magnesium, help promotion better sleep.
6. Never hover, as it don't relax or prepare the pelvic floor to relax
7. Wear cotton or a natural fibre pants
8. Cranberry Juice is great but remember to have a break from it too.
9. Relax your tummy and pelvic floor to empty the bladder
10. The bladder can store between 350-500mls.
11. Keep a bladder diary if you feel things are not as they should be.
12. Your looking for a straw colour anything darker and your dehydrated.
13.  When you go to the loo, you are looking for 9 Mississippi's, start counting, see how far you get, anything less and you didn't really need to go.
14. You can train you bladder.
15.  Avoid say to your children go to the loo just in case or our going on a car journey. Your training and sending the wrong message to your brain then to the bladder.


Juice to help heal bladder irritation

Cranberries contain quinine, otherwise know as quininic acid.  Powerful stuff, once in the liver, it converts to another acid to help to lift toxins not only from the bladder and kidneys but also the prostate, Great for Men's Health too.

Get juicing, blending and drink

Frankly, I find cranberries a little tart, I would juice an apple or two and blend in frozen cranberries, sprig of mint too.

Enjoy Juice Tribe.

Here's the Holistic Core Restore programme to help with this matter.
or other pelvic health issues.


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