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Hazel Oliver
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on Thursday, 12 September 2013
in Health

What Value do you put on your Health...........................? Newsletter


  Newsletter - What value do you put on your health - Lucky Friday 13th 2013

Quote " All dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them" .

Class News ......All full speed ahead, website for full details   www.hazeloliverfitness.com

What's been happening.......................................

Busy Behind the Scenes, what goes on when I'm not there............, lots......!!! a few groups that I teach, over the summer months held events, one of my U3A groups had a coffee morning at one of the lady's home, they had coffee & lots of chat, amazing cakes...!! and many, many raffle prises, all monies raised (£100) have been donated to The National Autistic Society, as my husband Darren Oliver is Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, in aid of this amazing charity, as our son Ryan has Aspergers Syndrome.

My Aquafit groups had collected and donated another amount of money from their "behind the scenes" activity.... Thank you so much ladies and gents for your kindness and helping us raise as much money as we come for this charity which is so close to our hearts..

All Change.........

Well, after a lovely summer break, it's back to it now, and all change, school are all back and you're back into your routines, school runs, working/job, after school clubs, a taxi service for your children, running your home, feeding your family/partner/husband/wife, so all systems are good. The weather has an autumnal feel about it and the mornings and nights are getting shorter. So what changes have you made for yourself, all those other changes going on in your life what about "YOU". What value have you put on your health and wellbeing, so that got me thinking.

What Value do you put on your health and wellbeing...........................?

Do you value your health or take it for granted, what price do you pay for your health, if you do. Do you spend £10/£20/£50/£100/£250/£500 per month on your health and wellbeing, looking after your yourself, your fitness, may be attending weekly fitness classes or a member of a gym or health club, do you go? and attend classes for your wellbeing.   Do you have "ME" days, a pamper, getting your hair done, massage, facial, have your nails done, play tennis, a round of golf, all things that are benefits for your health and de-stress the body from your busy, busy lifestyle.

What Value do you put on an evening out.................... or do you look at that different?. Do you spend £10/£20/£50/£100/£250/£500 in hours or over a couple of weekends, Thing is, without your health you wouldn't be able to enjoy your evenings out.......So do you really value your health and wellbeing or is it just there. Make the right choices and habits for a brilliant balanced lifestyle and value your health and happiness, without it you have nothing.


Moving Forward or Falling Forward

It's that time of year when you see lots of runners out, it's Great North Run this weekend and I must say "Good Luck" to Sue & Cath who are running. Many half and full marathons are coming up, Cardiff, York, Cheltenham in the next months and beyond, results for London 2014 ballot are next month too.

When I'm on my scooter travelling from class to class, I see lots of runners as do you I'm sure, pounding the roads in preparation for events or just their own wellbeing.   So being the person that I am, got me thinking again.... All this thinking!!.

How could you run better, what exercise would help you improve your running technique.       Posture is a big give away, seeing how much movement there is at the Thoracic spine,(rib cage area 12 ribs, 12 vertebrae) hips and ankles. I always say "Run Tall", think tall, a tall posture, smooth rhythm and a natural rotation of spine with arm swing, hips should be stable, strong and gait (foot strike, heel raise and knee position should be powerful and consistent - the basics). But I see runner carrying bottles, excess spinal rotation, arms swinging across the body, wasting loads of energy and time, lateral movement- moving side to side, rounded shoulders making breathing more restricted and looks really uncomfortable and painful. So the answer is, I would get "squatting" if I was you, with weights if you can or have access to some free weights or a body bar.

The basics of a squat are, trunk extension, core strength, hip and knees controlled, ankle dorsi flexion and range of movement (ROM). (Don't use a fixed bar smith machine- as it restrict ROM.) Make the movements functional.

In "All" my classes I get my class participants to perform squats, in all 3 plane of movement, they might not realise this but they do it. Fitness Pilates, Personal Training sessions, BootCamp, Core conditioning, Strength and conditioning classes, HIIT's, Power chi Yoga.   Keep squatting everybody................

Also this weekend a BIG shout out to my BootCamp hardcore crew Emma and Rachel who are doing Coast to Coast Scotland, Let me just tell you about this challenge..!!

Day 1, start Nairn, near Inverness

11km off road run/trek, 77km road cycle, 3km run & kayak, Overnight camp (Fort Augustus)

Day 2

26km off road cycle,27 km road cycle, 23 trail run 1.5 km kayak to finish in Glencoe

They will take in the sights of Ben Nevis, Inverness, Loch Ness, Glencoe, Fort Augustus, Fort William, if they get change to look up and around... Good luck girls...!!!

Nicola Gravatt, they will be in needs of some serious massage therapy, if your around and a big cheer.....

Booty Meat Boxes are still available .... Hilliers Butcher and Barry The Butcher both based in Stratford U Avon.

Just in case you are free on Saturday night, here's the information on the Bingo night.


Charity Bingo Night

at The Crown Tiddington

Saturday 14th September

Eyes down at 8.30pm

£2 per book (5 games)


Darren Oliver is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in October for the National Autistic Society.

To help him raise funds and awareness The Crown are holding a Charity Bingo Night, come along to a family fun night with lots of great prizes to be won.

Some of the great prizes include:

Sculpture from Paragon Gallery

£25 Voucher Lisa Chambers

Family photoshoot

Sunday lunch 4 for people

Kids scooters

and many many more

To book contact Darren Oliver on 07854 331131 or The Crown on 01789 297010 or just turn up on the night

For every main meal ordered The Crown will make a donation to the fundraiser.


Staying fit & healthy

Be Brilliant



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