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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 04 March 2015
in Health

Where have I been...?

Where have I been...?

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Where have I been?...

Being honest, I think I've been lazy...!

Many of you have asked me about my newsletter, when is it coming back,
which is lovely and thank you,
It's fantastic to see that you miss them.

So, my last newsletter was in December, before I went to Australia and since
being back, I just got out the habit of writing..pretty simple ah

Now I could make a lost of excuses  ..!!, like
I've been busy,
I have no time,
I don't feel like it,
I'm training 3 times a week for the
race of my life, London Marathon next month.

I'm studying to become a therapist and its governed by the
CMA (Complementary Medical Association)
It's proper hard core studying and if I'm honest, I'm finding it extremely tough
and only on module one, I have thought about jacking it all in.
Cells, protons and atoms, bio-chemistry , yuk..!

I don't know about you but I wasn't an academic at school.
But it was interesting to hear on the news about 3 or 4 weeks ago about the connection to cells, protons, atoms and the links to do with Dementia,  this links back to food, nutrition, health, wellness, lifestyle, movement. Which is well up my street, so I'm hanging in there.
my top excuse would be, I can't be bothered to do the work...!

Sound familiar to anybody?

When your on the diet, - can you be bothered, changes, clean eating, staying super hydrated, changing routine, cooking from scratch, no processed, etc
Going to a new or weekly classes
It could be reading daily
Time with friends and family

Do you commit?

Since last October I've committed to a weekly yoga class for me,
first time is 15 years, I've attend a class for me and I love it,
it's not easy or relaxing but it's me time.
I committed, I paid up front.
I attend every week unless I'm away.  I've stuck to it and do the work.

We all want the change but sometimes we don't want to do the work..
but we want the results.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes

Create healthy daily habits,
whatever it is that you want to achieve
the diet, the healthy eating,
leaning to play an instrument or a language

So here I go..

Hazel "Newsletter" Oliver



Due to the success of another foofoo course just finished before half term, the next one will start on 16th April at The Malthouse, Alveston at 6.15pm
Are you suffering in silence, if so its time to speak up and take action now.
Whether it's stress incontinence or prolapse at different grades this foofoo pelvic health course can help you get your life back . Stats from the weekend course, 50% of ladies will suffer a prolapse through viginal birth in there lives.
Start the prevention NOW.., don't wait and say if only!!!.

To book on now and take advantage of this early bird rate of £117.00 before the price goes up to £157.00


Numbers are limited.


I have seen an increase of Diastasis clients coming to me.
Diastasis is a splitting or separation of the rectus abdominal muscle.
This can happen to men and women for different reason
Pregnant ladies is what we here about, for baby to grow.
But an obesity problem could also have the same affect.

I have put together a 3 Session Diastasis healing package
details next time.
or if you want some detail, e-mail me

I attend a Holistic Core Restore Coaching workshop in London on the weekend. Topics - Pelvic floor, stress incontinence, prolapse, diastasis, C-section delivery and other pelvic procedures were discuss and the best way to restore your core in a holistic way.

Did you know some fundamental pilates, yoga exercises can weaken your pelvic floor with the extra intra-abdominal pressure  

A massive increase is happening due to the popular Cross-Fit scene, intense bootcamps, increase loads/weights been lifted in gyms, no great for the pelvic floor.

Holistic Core Restore can sort you out, whether it's Diastasis, C-section recovery or FooFoo, pelvic health.


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